Some information on integrating and using the Identity endpoint on Mono
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The identity endpoint on Mono's API provides fields for verifying user identity and for KYC and user verification purposes. This can also be used for auto-completing account data and reducing fraud. Personal information like name, phone number, date of birth, or Bank Verification Number (BVN) can be returned to identify the user from a specific financial institution.

You can follow the steps outlined in the Identity API documentation to integrate the Identity endpoint. This will involve creating an account, obtaining an API key, and making requests to the Identity API using the connected accounts.

Once you have integrated the Identity API, you can use it to verify user identities and gather information about their bank accounts. The Identity API reference provides detailed information on the endpoint and how to call them.

By integrating the Identity endpoint, you can streamline your user onboarding process and provide a better user experience.

If you need further assistance with integrating the Identity endpoint, you can reach out to support for help.

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