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Can I delete my data from Mono, or revoke my consent to Mono?
Can I delete my data from Mono, or revoke my consent to Mono?
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Absolutely. Mono helps you share your data with the apps you choose––but if you’d like to make a change at any time, we are here to help. There are several ways you can take action to change how you are sharing data, to withdraw Mono's access to your financial and identity data, and, subject to a few exceptions, delete your data from Mono's systems.

Here are some options:

  • Create a Mono Portal Account and verify ownership of your financial accounts to view and manage your connections to apps, as well as delete your financial data from our systems.

  • Click the Support button, which appears as a question mark if you’re on your mobile device, to open a request with our support team. They can help you manage your connections or delete your data without the need for you to create a Mono Portal account.

We value the privacy of those who provide personal information to us. To respond to your request for assistance, we are required by applicable laws to request additional information to verify your identity.

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