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I'm unable to connect my bank account using Mono
I'm unable to connect my bank account using Mono
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If you encounter connection issues when attempting to link your financial accounts to an app with Mono, we’ve outlined below the most common error messages you may see, what actions you can take to try to resolve these errors on your own, and when to reach out to Mono for help.

  • “Couldn't connect to your institution.” This error message appears when we’re unable to complete the linking process, which can happen for a variety of reasons including:

    • When financial institutions’ are experiencing downtimes due to overloaded servers or maintenance

    • We haven't integrated that login method/institution yet: While we currently have a wide coverage across financial institutions in Africa, we haven't connected all login methods across all institutions just yet.

    If you need to connect immediately, we recommend trying to link another financial institution. Frequently, these are minor errors that are quickly resolved, so you may also want to try connecting the same account again later.

  • “Username or password incorrect.” If you see this error message, we recommend confirming your username and password are correct by logging into your financial account directly, and ideally from a secure web browser or mobile app. Sometimes, when you log into your financial account on a web browser, your financial institution may have additional prompts for you to complete before you can access your data, and those prompts may be what’s preventing Mono from accessing your data.

  • “Action required with your account.” Some financial institutions require you to take specific steps to enable your accounts to be linked to third parties like Mono.

If you’re unable to link your financial account, and you’ve already attempted to resolve the issue within your app, Mono may be able to assist.

We can offer general guidance on the state of your financial institution’s connection with Mono and will try our best to identify failed connection attempts. Feel free to reach out to us by clicking the Support button.

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