If you've tried to top up your Mono wallet and your balance hasn't been updated yet, here are some reasons why this could be happening:

  1. We currently process wallet top-ups through Flutterwave. For a top-up to be successful, we need to first receive confirmation from Flutterwave with the status of a user's top-up attempt. Once this is done, the wallet will be updated accordingly with the amount funded.

  2. If a user already has a Mono account but isn't on your business workspace, the user needs to be invited to your teams' workspace in order to have access to top-up the business wallet. All top up attempts outside a business workspace goes directly to the user's wallet.

  3. Depending on the role assigned in the business account, a user may not have permission to perform top-up operations. Contact the account Owner/Admin to get the required permission.

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