1. To invite teammates to the dashboard, click the dropdown on the top left of the sidebar which shows your display name.

2. Next, click on "Settings", this will take you to the settings page. Here, navigate to the team option and click "Invite a member".

3. Once you click ''Invite a member'', you can enter the teammate's email and assign them the appropriate role based on the level of access required. These fall under 6 categories:


  • Best for business owners and company administrators


  • Best for people integrating Mono for your business


  • Best for people who need full access to Mono data, but don't need to change business settings.

View only

  • Best for people who need to view the dashboard, but don't need to make any updates.

To see the full user permissions for each role, click on the dropdown arrow beside each user role.

4. Once you've selected the appropriate role, you can then click on "Send invite" to send an invite to the email address entered.

That's it!

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