Statement Pages are a method of collecting statements from your customers without writing a single line of code. All you need is a statement page and a link you can share with customers.

NOTE: "To use Statement Pages, you will need to set your App to live mode."

To create a statement page, navigate to the Statements tab on the sidebar and click the "Create Statement page" button.

A popup will appear where you can fill in details about the statement page like:

  • Customizing your page link

  • the duration for the statement,

  • Page description

  • Page name.

  • You can also set advanced options like which page you'd like to redirect your customers to, and the email address Mono will send the collected bank statements to.

Once you're done entering these details, click the "Create Page" button to create the Statement Page.

To view your newly created Statement Page, click on the copy button to copy the sharable link.

Here's your newly created Statement Page!

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