You can set up a notification for your monthly performance metrics to be sent to your email at the end of the month. This is a detailed overview of the metrics from all the Mono APIs and products your business uses during the period. This includes:

  • Wallet balance

  • Number of API calls per endpoint used

  • Total number of accounts connected

  • Statement/Direct Pages sent

  • Failed data retrieval attempts

and other insights.

To get started

  1. Log into the Mono dashboard. On the top left of the sidebar, click the dropdown that shows your display name and click "Settings".

2. Next, using the top navigation on the settings page, select "Notifications". This will

show you a list of notifications Mono currently provides. Navigate to ''Metrics

report'' and toggle it on.

3. Once this is done, Mono will now send your monthly performance report to your

user email.

Try it now!

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