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How to pay with DirectPay Pages
How to pay with DirectPay Pages
A guide to making payments on DirectPay Pages
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With DirectPay pages, you can pay a business securely without leaving their mobile or web app. When you are prompted to make payment, you will be required to enter your login details to verify your identity and account ownership before any payment is authorized.

Here's how it works:

  1. After clicking the Payment Prompt on the application, you will be redirected to the DirectPay modal, as seen below. Click the "Continue" button to start the payment process.

  2. Now, you will be directed to the Mono widget to initiate payment. Click the "Select Account" button to continue.

  3. The next page modal will show a list of banks that Mono covers for DirectPay, select the financial institution which you would like to use to make your payment.

  4. After selecting your bank, enter your banking login details; which is the User ID/Phone number and Password you use for Mobile or Internet Banking.

  5. After you've entered your banking credentials, click the Log in button.

  6. You will then be required to enter the One-time password (OTP) shared with you via text, email, or phone call. Some banks require the use of your internet banking token to authorize a transaction (Kindly enter your token if that is required).

  7. After you have entered the OTP or token required to authorize this transaction, the payment will be processed.

  8. Next, you will get a confirmation modal page on your screen showing you that the payment has been successful.

  9. A confirmation page is shown as well to confirm that we processed the payment fully.

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