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How do I disconnect my account from an app?
How do I disconnect my account from an app?

How to guide for using Mono Portal

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Here's how to unlink an account you previously connected to an app via Mono, using Mono Portal.

  1. After you have logged into the Mono Portal dashboard, on the right-hand side of the dashboard is a modal view of all the apps that you have connected your financial account to.

  2. To unlink your account from an app, click on the dropdown arrow next to the app you would like to unlink.

  3. When you click on it, the dropdown will show you the accounts you have previously connected to that app.

  4. To unlink a particular account, toggle off the button beside the account you'd like to unlink from the app.

  5. Next, a modal will pop up which will notify you of the action you are about to take. If you would like to proceed with unlinking your account, click the "Disconnect" button.

  6. You will be returned back to the Portal dashboard, you will be able to see that the account is no longer linked to the app.

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