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What is the difference between the statements endpoint and the transactions endpoint?

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Statement endpoint

The statement endpoint returns the inflow and outflow transactions on a connected financial account. This allows you to query the customer's bank statement only within a specified "monthly" period e.g. 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, etc.

These statements can be viewed in JSON or downloaded in pdf format.

To access the statements API, you can read our docs here. You can also check out this detailed explanation of the Mono statement pdf layout and its offerings.

Transaction endpoint

The transaction endpoint retrieves the credits and/or debits transactions on a connected financial account. This allows you to query the bank statement within a specific date range e.g. (11-05-2021 to 12-07-2022). In addition, it allows you to filter out specific transactions based on the transaction narration. e.g Uber, airtime, salary, bank charges, etc.

The transaction endpoint also allows pagination within your business app, i.e. a page-by-page view on your dashboard.

โ€‹Transaction Metadata- This is a paid add-on that is only available on the transaction endpoint. This feature provides extra fields for each transaction and this includes the:

  1. Transaction classifier - this field shows the category of each transaction made on the customer's account, e.g. food, internet, ATM withdrawal, etc. You can find all transaction types here.

  2. Merchant extractor- this field shows which merchant the customer made the transaction with, and the industry category of the specific merchant.

    To access the Transaction Metadata, you can reach out to our Sales team via email at [email protected].

In summary,

Here are the key differences between the Statement endpoint and Transaction endpoint.




Stated Period


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Specified start, and end dates.

Inflow and Outflow

Both credits and debits

Credits only, Debits only, Both credits and debits

Transaction Narration Filtering





Transaction classifier, Merchant Extractor




Transaction counts



No-code tool


File format

pdf or JSON

JSON only

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