How to edit a DirectPay Page.

Customise your DirectPay page on the Mono dashboard

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To edit a DirectPay page you have created before, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Pages under the Payments tab on the sidebar menu; this will show you a list of all the DirectPay pages you've created.

  2. Select the page you want to edit from the list of DirectPay pages displayed by clicking on it.

  3. This will show you detailed information about the DirectPay page, like the total number of payments collected via the selected page, plan type, the date the page was created, etc. There's a toggle button for you to enable or disable payments collection on the selected DirectPay page, and a preview button to see what your payment page looks like.

  4. To edit the page, simply click the "edit" button in the top right corner of the page.

  5. A pop-up will appear showing the details you provided when the page was first created. On this page, you can then make changes to the details you'd like to change.

Once you're done, click save," and the DirectPay page will be updated with your changes.

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