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Accessing the White label & Partner's API
Accessing the White label & Partner's API

An overview of our white label API and how to activate it

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White Label and Partner's API allows businesses to customize their own website builder and resell it as their own product.

The White Label API allows businesses to replace Mono's branding with their own, including logos, colors, and fonts. This means that businesses can create a website builder that looks like their own product and resell it to their customers under their own brand. This can help you, as a partner, increase your revenue stream and expand your customer base.

The Partner's API, on the other hand, provides businesses with access to Mono's core functionality, allowing them to build their own website builder from scratch. This means that businesses can create a website builder tailored to their specific needs and requirements, and offer it to their customers as a standalone product.
To activate the white label and partner's API add-on for your Mono account, please note that a one-time fee of 100,000 NGN will be charged from your Mono wallet.

Here's how to activate this add-on on the Mono dashboard:

1. Login to your Mono dashboard and click the "More" tab on the sidebar menu.

2. It would expand to give more options, then click on "Products".

3. Under the "Add-ons" category, navigate to "Partner's API".

4. Next, click "Add to Plan" under Partner's API to activate this feature for your account.

5. You will be redirected to the page below. Click on "Activate add-On" to complete the activation process, and your Mono wallet will be charged accordingly.

You can learn more about how to integrate this API into your service here.

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