Data Sync on Mono
A guide to activating Data Sync
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When you connect an account on Mono, at the point of authentication, we're fetching real-time data, anything that happens after the authentication needs to be fetched using the Data Sync feature.

Data Sync allows you to fetch recent data (balance and transactions) from financial accounts linked to your web or mobile app without requiring the user to reconnect their account.

To activate the Data Sync add-on for your Mono account, please note that you will be charged per API call from your Mono wallet.

Here's how to activate this add-on on the Mono dashboard

  1. Log into your dashboard and navigate to the sidebar.

2. Click on More and navigate to Plans & Billing.

3. This will open the Plans and Billing page.

4. Click on the Subscriptions tab, then click on the drop-down option beside Data Sync

and toggle the switch.

5. A pop-up will appear, click the Activate add-on button to activate Data Sync.

6. After this, Data sync will be successfully activated as an add-on for your Mono account.

To learn more about Data Sync Pricing, please check out our pricing breakdown across Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa & Kenya.

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