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Accessing Premium Support on Mono
Accessing Premium Support on Mono
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What is Premium Support?

Premium support is an add-on service on Mono that offers partners priority and specialized support in resolving their issues.

Who can access Premium Support on Mono?

Premium support is a paid service available to businesses that use Mono. To use this service, you need to activate it as an add-on by toggling the premium support button on the Mono dashboard and then pay a monthly subscription fee of NGN 15,000 from your Mono wallet.

What do you get with Premium Support?

  • Dedicated private channel on Slack

  • Dedicated Partner Success Specialist as the key contact person on the channel

  • 1 - 2 hours wait time for feedback on support queries during office hours

Kindly note that with the premium support service, we will work to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, however, resolution time may differ depending on the severity of the issues.

How to activate this add-on on the Mono dashboard

  1. To activate premium support, log in to the Mono dashboard and navigate to the "More" tab. The tab would be expanded to show more options, click on "Products" to continue.

  2. Under the "Add-ons" category, navigate to "Premium Support".

  3. Next, click "Add to plan" to activate this feature for your account.

  4. You will be redirected to the page below. Click on "Activate Add-On" to complete the activation process, and your Mono wallet will be charged accordingly.

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