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How to authorize an e-mandate
How to authorize an e-mandate

Steps on how to authorize an e mandate for personal and business accounts

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  1. As a user, after a mandate is created, you'll receive a notification via email or the business will share the mandate with you to authorize the mandate on your account.

  2. When you click on the link, this will redirect you to the Mono Direct Debit widget to set up the Direct Debit e-mandate.

    Once you have confirmed the amount, click on the "Continue" button to start the authorization process.

  3. You will be asked to select your preferred bank account from the list of financial institutions. Kindly note that an authorisation fee of 50 Naira will be debited from this bank account before the mandate is set up.

  4. For personal accounts, enter your account number and click the "Continue" button.

  5. After entering your account number, the account name will pop up just below the input tab. Click on the "Continue" button to proceed with the authorization.

  6. To verify your identity, you have to enter your BVN details and date of birth. Click the 'Next' button after each step.

  7. For business accounts, enter the Account number and RC number and click "Continue". The account number will be automatically validated to return the business name.

  8. Next, a registered shareholder will be required to verify their identity. You have to enter your BVN details and date of birth. Click the 'Next' button after each step as shown in step (6).

  9. After identity has been verified, you'll be redirected to the mandate setup screen. This screen consists of the details of the mandate as seen in the screenshot. Click on the 'Authorise' button to continue your authorisation process.

  10. Your connected account and the account you will be transferring the authorization fee to will be displayed on the widget.

    Send the exact amount stated (N50) from the linked account to the account displayed on the widget.

    After you've made the transfer, click on the "I've sent the money" button.

    ps: this account details expires after 30 minutes.

  11. You're done! Your Direct Debit mandate has been set up successfully on your account.

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