How do I customize the Mono widget?

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Umar Ahmedtijani
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You can now customise the Mono widget right inside the new dashboard using the awesome new Widget Builder feature!

This lets you design a unique experience for your users that also matches your brand style and theme.


With the Widget Builder you can:

  • Modify the number of pages displayed on the widget, CTAs and colours

  • Customise consent message, add your logo on the widget

  • Control over the institutions your users provide data for by choosing the institution to show, amount of accounts they can search and connect.

  • Finally, display your own custom success page and message to the users

Once you're done you can simply update your app with your beautiful theme and next time your users log in, they get to experience your fully customised widget experience!


To Get Started on using the Mono Connect Widget , you can watch this short video to see how or follow these easy steps below.


Getting started

On the dashboard click the "Setup Widget" button on the the widget builder component:



This brings up a popup where you can enter a name for your theme. Enter a name and hit "Continue"



This brings up the edit screen where you can We’ve built this builder to make it possible for you to make changes to the connect widget to fit your brand style and colours. On the navigation sidebar to the left, we have the different customisable fields. You can also navigate by clicking the screens on



The Consent dropdown allows you to customise the first consent page and details users see. You can make changes to:

  • The widget icon: This is the icon on the top right of the widget

  • Background colour: Change from colour displayed

  • Introductory message copy: Edit the message displayed when the user opens the widget

  • CTA text

Institution Select

The Institution Select dropdown allows you to customise:

  • The list of institutions displayed to your users from our list of supported financial institutions. You can add or remove institutions as you see fit.



Institution Search

The Institution Search dropdown allows you to customise the widget's institution search functionality. You can edit:

  • Search message edits the message returned when an institution can't be found

  • The search query: This allows you to enable or disable institution search

  • Background Color: This changes the background colour of the screen

  • Link: This changes the help link text



The Login dropdown gives you the option allows you to customise the login page CTA


Select Account

The Select Account dropdown allows you to customise an interface for users with multiple accounts on a single username. You can also choose to:

  • Allow single or multiple account selections on an account



Finally, the Connected dropdown lets you customize:

  • The success message title returned when an account is successfully connected

  • The descriptive text for extra information

  • The CTA(Continue/Finish)



Once you're done with your changes, you can then hit the "Save" button and your theme will be saved.

Check out how you can update the Connect Widget with your new theme here




Note: This is a paid feature. To get access you need to subscribe to it as an add-on

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