How to activate your Developer Account on Mono

Umar Ahmedtijani
Umar Ahmedtijani

Developer accounts are an alternative method for you to build products and run tests using Mono's services without having a registered business. However, developer accounts have certain restrictions such as:

  • A limit of 100 connected accounts (after which you will be prompted to upgrade to a business account)

  • No access to DirectPay Services

  • No access to BVN Lookup service

However, developer accounts still need to complete a simple compliance process. This can be done in 4 simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the "Compliance" page, choose your account type and press the next arrow.


  2. Next, you will need to provide some personal identification details, and these can be:

    • BVN (for Nigerians only)

    • International Passport

    • Valid Drivers License

    • Voters Card



  3. Give as many details as possible about your use case.


  4. Finally, you will be shown the SLA to review and sign; click the "Review SLA" button to view the entire document. On clicking the "Sign SLA button," you will be directed to the e-signature service to complete the signature.


  5. Once you're done reviewing the SLA, hit "Sign," Your account will be verified if entered information is correct and valid.

Chat with us using the live chat button to your right if you have any other questions.

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