Customer Insight Overview

Umar Ahmedtijani
Umar Ahmedtijani


The new Customers page gives you insights into all the customers who linked their accounts to your business using Mono. You can see the number of accounts connected for a single customer including the balance, transactions, payments, and income for each account.


To learn more about using Connect on the Mono Dashboard , you can watch this short video to see how or look through this breakdown below.


You have access to in-depth information about each connected customer including:




Here, you have access to all financial accounts linked to your business using Mono. This includes the current bank balance on the account, account history, and trends.



This gives you a detailed overview of transactions carried out per financial account linked to your business. This includes total income and expenditure on that account and a detailed transaction history over a set period which you can then export in either a PDF or .csv format.



Identity Information

Here, you can see each connected customer's KYC profile for identification, including the last four digits of their BVN, NIN, and verification status.



Income Estimates

This provides you with an estimate of your customers' income from all their linked accounts along with their total inflow pattern for each account.



NOTE: This feature costs 50 NGN per connected account. Head over to the Settings page of the dashboard to add it to your subscription






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