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What is an app?

Apps provide scope to your project, and enable you to give role-based access to your project by inviting teammates, accessing webhooks, and much more. You can create apps on the dashboard to retrieve public and secret keys so you can start integrating Mono with your products.


How to create an app

To get started creating apps:

  1. Click the 'create app' button on the homepage to create an app.



    Alternatively, you can create apps by navigating to Apps on the sidebar and selecting the "Create an app" button.


  2. Next, add an image(optional) and enter the App name and the display name (optional) of your app. You can also set your App name as the display name using the radio button. You can the product you'd like to use with the app.



  3. Select the scope of the app, these signify the Mono services associated with your app. This includes Payments( DirectPay).



  4. Select the account type you'd like to connect to your business.



  5. Finally, select your industry and click the "Create app" button.



Congratulations you've created your first app 🎉 For steps on how to edit your app, click here.

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