How to set account types for Apps

Umar Ahmedtijani
Umar Ahmedtijani

Mono gives you the option to specify the type of account you'd like your customers to connect to your business. This allows you to give your users an experience specifically designed for the service you're providing.


If you're providing services to customers and would like them to link only their business accounts, you can set up the widget to show only the business account category in the list of financial institutions.

If you would like your customers to connect only personal accounts, you can also set the widget to display only the personal account category in the list of financial institutions.

You can also set up your widget to allow customers to link both personal and business accounts.


This means that for each app, you can choose to connect:

  • Only business accounts

  • Only personal accounts

  • Both business and personal accounts

To get started:


Log into the Mono Dashboard. Using the sidebar, navigate to Apps. You can either use an already created App or you create a new app on the dashboard. This article shows you how to create an app.


Once you hover on the already created App, click "Edit".


This gives you an overview of your app settings. You can then navigate to "Account type".


Next, you select the type of accounts you'd like to connect i.e business, personal, or you select both personal and business depending on your preference. After selecting, click "Done".


Once you're done, click the "Update app" button to save your changes and the Mono Connect widget will only display connection options for your specified account type(s).

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