Testing your Mono integration in Sandbox mode

Umar Ahmedtijani
Umar Ahmedtijani

Note: Statement Pages cannot be launched when an app is in Test mode.


Mono also gives you the option to test your integration using sandbox credentials in your staging environment before deploying them live to your users.


To learn more about testing your app on the Mono Dashboard in Sandbox Mode, you can watch this short video to see how or follow these easy steps below.



Getting started

On the Mono dashboard, navigate to the Apps tab using the sidebar and select "Create App". Give your app a name and click the "Create App" button to create a new app with test keys.



Click on "Create App", fill in the required details (Name, Image(optional), Product, Account type, Scope), click the "Create App" button, and a new App will be created for you with test credentials



Next, on your Mono Connect widget implementation(see JavaScript sample here), pass in the test public key gotten from your app above. See an example below:



Save your changes and the widget will then be launched in sandbox mode.


Next, click continue and select a bank. On the selected bank, click the button shown below to successfully fill in sandbox credentials and log in.

Note: The test credentials currently work for internet banking login only.


An authentication code for the test account will then be displayed to you.

You can then use this along with the test secret key generated when you created an App to use Mono's APIs in sandbox mode. You can test Mono's APIs on the



Click here for a guide on how to switch your app from test to live. Only approved businesses can go live.


You can see a guide on how to approve your business on Mono here.


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