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Umar Ahmedtijani


Our Billing page allows you to manage all payments and billings associated with your business. Here you can see:



Billing Status

To check your current billing status, log into the Mono dashboard, click the dropdown on the sidebar that shows that your display name, and select "Settings".


Navigate to Billing on the top menu and from here, you can view your current pricing, subscription details, and your billing history


To view your current plan, select "Pricing". This will show you an overview of all Mono's plans, the current plan you are on as well as the pricing tiers and features of each plan.



Subscriptions and Add-ons

To view your subscription status, select "Subscription". This will show you details about your current subscription, pricing breakdowns, and add-ons. You can also click

"Add to plan" in the add-on section to pay for different add-ons like:


  • Widget builder

  • White Labelling

  • Data Sync

  • Premium support




Selecting "History" shows you an overview of your billing history, payment type, payment details, and the last time you updated your current plan. It also allows you to view billing over a set period of time.




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