Manage Payouts on the Mono Dashboard

Umar Ahmedtijani
Umar Ahmedtijani

The payout section of the dashboard is how you can keep track of the status of your payouts and manage them.


To see the status of your payouts, simply switch to the "Payouts" tab on the Payments page.

You can filter the payouts by status:

  • Successful: Payment has been paid into the account

  • Processing: Payout is processing

  • Pending: Payout is yet to be made (this is resolved at 11 PM daily)

You can also click on a payout reference to see more details about the payout including:

  • Total amount paid

  • Fees

  • The number of payments with that reference

  • Status of the payment

  • The payout bank and account number used for settlement



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