Virtual Card Operations

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Mono Issuing is a product that allows businesses to easily issue; virtual cards and virtual accounts to their customers.


In the table below, we have outlined virtual card operations for Mono Issuing, API integration guides and important notes to consider when calling any of these operations.


Virtual USD and Virtual Naira Cards




API Documentation


Create a Card

This allows you to create a new virtual card whether in naira or USD.

You must create an account holder before creating a card.


In creating a virtual card, the minimum funding amount has to be passed in the “amount” field, before such a card will be created.

Fund a Card

This allows you to fund an already-created card.

The amount to be funded will be taken from the business’ issuing wallet.


The minimum amount you can fund your virtual Naira and USD card with is NGN100 and $10 respectively.

Liquidate a Card

This allows you to:(a) Liquidate a certain amount from the card.


(b) Liquidate all amount in the card and money is sent back to issuing wallet.

The amount liquidated will be sent back to the source issuing wallet except as specified in the “destination”.

Delete a Card

This allows you to delete a card permanently.

Once a card has been deleted, it can not be retrieved.

Freeze a Card

This allows you to disable a card temporarily.

When you freeze a card, the balance becomes zero, but once you unfreeze, the balance returns to the card.

Unfreeze a Card

This allows you to re-enable an already frozen card.


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