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What is Mono DirectPay Lookup?

When a customer tries to pay your business using Mono DirectPay and encounters an issue that causes them to either be charged twice or debited despite an unsuccessful payment, you can, on behalf of the customer, request a reversal for that transaction.

With the DirectPay Lookup Page, you can easily confirm the status of a payment and initiate a refund for any transaction in a few clicks.

We created this simple Lookup Page as a component of Mono's payment issue resolution system, designed to safeguard our partners and users.


💡 Please note that NOT all reported transactions are refundable. Some could be falsely reported, so inquire about a receipt from their bank or financial institution as proof of the transaction.


How to reverse a transaction

  1. First, you'll need to find the customer's transaction. To start, Click here to view the DirectPay Lookup Page.
  2. On the Lookup page, go to the form and search for the transaction by entering the following details:
    • The Charge Amount - the amount of the transaction
    • Date of the Debit Notification - The day the transaction was processed
    • Bank account number - Account number for the transaction
    • Last four digits of the BVN - The last four digits of the account holder’s bank verification number
    • Reason for using this service - The reason for looking up the payment
  3. Once you have filled out this form for the particular transaction, click on “Find my Payment”. This will provide more information on the transaction.
  4. You will see the details of the transaction as well as the status, if it is eligible for a refund, you can click on the ‘Request for Refund’ button
  5. You have successfully made a reversal to your user. Your user can expect their reversals within 24-48 hours.

For a more visual guide, the illustrations below will work you through the whole process.

1. Go to Mono Directpay Lookup

2. Enter the Charge Amount

3. Enter the date

4. Enter the user's account number

5. Enter the last 4 digits of the account holder's BVN

6. Select the reason for the payment lookup

  • Request for a reversal (Failed but debited) - for failed, abandoned, or cancelled payments that users claim to have been debited for
  • Request for a refund (duplicate payment) - for payment where a user was debited twice for one transaction

7. Click on "Find My Payment"


8. Click on Request refund

9. The transaction has been refunded!

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