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Mono statements allow you to pull the bank statement of the connected financial account.

The use of Mono Statement is available as Statement API and Statement Pages

To use Mono's Statement API, you will need first to authenticate and connect to your account using their API. Once you have done this, you can call the Statement API to retrieve bank statements for the associated account.

The Statement API returns a list of transactions for the specified account and date range. You can use this data to analyze your spending habits, create budgets, and more.

To use the API with the above document, you can retrieve bank statements for the accounts listed and analyze the transaction data to gain insights into your spending habits.

To start using Statements, you need to access Statements via API calls by following the guides and API references

Statement Pages are designed to make it easier for businesses to access users’ financial data. With Statement Pages, businesses can generate and download PDF statements for their users’ transactions. These statements include detailed information about the user's account activity, such as account balances, deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions.

Statement Pages are particularly useful as the feature makes it easier for businesses to generate and download statements for multiple accounts.

Statement Pages are currently available for anyone to make use of.

You can learn more about Mono Statements Pages here

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