An overview of our Mono DirectPay, how to request access and integrating it

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Directpay is a payment method that enables you to pull payments from your customers' bank accounts by leveraging the current bank transfer technology built into banking portals and mobile apps.

Payment Types

One-time Debit (Naira)

One-time debit allows your product to charge a customer's bank account once. Immediately after a successful payment, a webhook for this payment is sent to confirm the transaction.

Other Payment Types

  • Future One-time Debit (Coming soon)

  • Recurring debits (Coming soon)

Getting Started with DirectPay

To start using DirectPay, you need to:

  • You can request access to DirectPay on the Mono Partners dashboard.

  • Integrate Directpay by following the guides and API references

  • Start taking fast, affordable, and secure payments from your customers.

Here's how to request access to DirectPay this add-on on the Mono dashboard

Mono DirectPay is currently available as directpay API and directpay pages.

DirectPay API

DirectPay API allows you to create one-time debit transactions via the Mono API. It is a fast, affordable, and secure way to accept payments from your customers.

To get started with DirectPay, you can request access to it on the Mono Partners dashboard. Then, you can integrate DirectPay by following the guides and API references available on the Mono Docs.

DirectPay Pages

DirectPay Pages is a feature of DirectPay that allows you to create payment pages for your customers to use when making payments. These pages are customizable and can be embedded on your website or shared via a direct link. To get started with DirectPay Pages, you can follow the steps outlined in the Mono support article.

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