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Manage Payments on the Mono Dashboard
Manage Payments on the Mono Dashboard

How to check the status of payments made to your business

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To check the status and history of your payments:

1. Navigate to "Transactions" under the "Payments" tab to see a list of payments made to your business.


2. Alternatively, you can utilize the search bar and specifically select the "transactions" listed under the "Payments" tab.


3. You can filter the Payments using the filter button at the top right of the screen:

Available filter options include:

  • Successful: The transaction was successful and the customer's account has been debited.

  • Failed: This means the transaction was unsuccessful due to the following reasons:

    • Bank downtimes

    • Network errors at the time of processing

  • Pending: The transaction is still pending and the customer is yet to confirm the transaction using OTP/PIN/Token.

  • Processing: This means that the transaction has been sent by the user but we are awaiting confirmation on our end.

  • Abandoned: This means the customer did not open the Mono widget.

  • Cancelled: The customer closed the widget.

4. You can also click on an individual payment to view more details about it like the

amount paid, fees collected, payment type, payment status, and the customers'

bank details.

5. Finally, you can search for individual payments using the search bar at the top right.

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