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How do I manage my current billing?

Set up billing management, manage your pricing plan and subscription

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  1. To check your current billing status, log into the Mono dashboard, click the dropdown on the sidebar that shows your display name, and select "Settings" or simply search for "Plans & Billing" in the search bar.

  2. Then, navigate to the Plans and Billing option under the Settings menu. On the overview page, you can view your current pricing, details about your current subscription, pricing breakdowns, and add-ons.

  3. On the "Plans" tab, you can see an overview of all Mono's plans, the current plan you are on as well as the pricing tiers and features of each plan.

  4. Selecting the "History" tab will show you an overview of your billing history, payment type, and payment details. It also allows you to view billing over a set period of time.

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