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How to activate your Developer Account on Mono
How to activate your Developer Account on Mono
Everything you need to know about setting up your developer account on Mono
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Developer accounts are an alternative method for you to build products and run tests using Mono's services without having a registered business. However, developer accounts have certain restrictions, such as:

  • A limit of 100 connected accounts (after which you will be prompted to upgrade to a business account)

  • Limited or no access to other products like Directpay and Lookup service

To activate your developer account on the Mono dashboard, you can watch this short videoor follow these easy steps below.

  1. Once you have signed up on and verified your email address. Choose a use case similar to yours from the options on the screen.

    - After which, you choose a product you are interested in using.

  2. To start the activation process, you can either choose to click on the "activate business" button on the top right corner or use the "Continue" button on the Business KYC tab.

  3. Now, choose an account type by clicking on the "Developer" Tab

  4. Next, select the staff size that best describes your business. Also, choose an Industry (and sub-category) that is most inclined to your business use case.

  5. Next, fill in the form fields for the account owner information. Kindly note that the account owner doesn't need to be a shareholder of the company, although it is advisable that a shareholder fills out this part of the form

  6. Fill in your most current and accurate contact information and upload your proof of address. Also, make sure the proof of address follows the guidelines of the acceptable proof of address.

    Kindly make sure you follow the guideline for acceptable proof of address

  7. On the next tab, you will be required to provide and upload the necessary identity documents, such as:

    • Identification Number

    • A valid means of Identification like an International Passport or Driver's License.

  8. Lastly, tick that box that attests to your providing accurate information and agreeing to Mono's terms of use.

However, note that when you have successfully connected 100 unique accounts on a Developer account, you will be prompted to upgrade to a Business account. Here's a quick guide on how to upgrade your account from a developer account to a business account.

Chat with us using the live chat button to your right if you have any other questions.

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