How to Activate your business in Kenya

A step-by-step guide on activating your business in Kenya

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As a registered business on Mono, you need to activate your account before you can make any API calls or use our no-code tools.

To activate your business account on the Mono dashboard, you can watch this short video or follow these easy steps below.

  1. Once you have signed up on the dashboard and verified your email address, choose the product you are interested in using. For now, only the "Financial Data-Connect" product is active in Kenya.

  2. To start the activation process, you can either choose to click on the "activate business" button on the top right corner or use the "Continue" button on the Business KYC tab.

  3. Select "Business account" for your account type

  4. Next, select the staff size that best describes your business. Also, choose an Industry (and sub-category) that is most inclined to your business use case.

  5. Next, fill in the form fields for the account owner information. Kindly note that the account owner doesn't need to be a shareholder of the company, although it is advisable that a shareholder fills out this part of the form.

  6. Fill in your most current and accurate contact information and upload your proof of address. Also, make sure the proof of address follows the guidelines of the acceptable proof of address.

  7. On the next tab, you will be required to provide and upload the necessary identity documents, such as:

    • Identification Number

    • A valid means of Identification like an International Passport or Driver's License.

  8. For the business verification process, you will need to fill in the following details:

    • Country of Incorporation

    • Registration type

    • Registration Number

  9. You will also need to fill in your business contact details, such as

    • Legal business name

    • Legal business address

    • Official, support and dispute email addresses.

  10. You will also need to upload your company registration documents, such as:

    • Certificate of business name

    • Return of allotment/Post incorporation (If a Liability Limited Company)

    • All regulatory licenses that apply to your use case in your country

  11. For the Business owner section, you can either choose the details or send a request for the shareholders to fill in their details.

    - To request the details directly from the shareholder, click the "request details" tab and fill out the pop-up form. Submit by clicking on "add owner" and the request will be sent to the email provided

    - If you are a shareholder filling the form directly, you need to provide information credible and accurate such as:

    • Personal details

    • Contact details

    • Identification details

    You can add as many shareholders as your want by clicking the "add shareholder" button on the next page.

  12. Lastly, tick that box that attests to your providing accurate information and agreeing to Mono's terms of use.

    Once confirmed and submitted, kindly note that you can make some edits pending while your application is in review. Reviews take 24-48 working hours.

If you have any other questions, chat with us using the live chat button to your right.

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