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The dashboard page gives you an overview of your business on Mono, allowing you to track, analyze, and manage key business operations. The dashboard shows you:

Usage Analytics Overview

This shows you key metrics about your business as reported by Mono over a selected period of time. This includes:

Depending on the Mono's products:
1. Financial Data

  • Total API calls: The total number of API calls your business has made through Mono over a select period of time.

  • Total Customers: This shows you the total amount of customers who linked their accounts to your business over a period of time.

  • Total Accounts: This is the total number of financial accounts that your business has connected over a period of time.

  • Drop-Off Rate: This represents the total amount of user sessions that didn't end up with a successful connection.

API Calls

This gives a detailed breakdown of the customer data and collection volume made on specific Mono products per month. These products are:

  • Mono Connect

  • Mono Statement Pages

  • Mono DirectPay


With the wallet feature, you can fund your business account to enable you to use Mono's products and services. You can also manage your business budget better by using the estimation feature of the wallet, which allows you to estimate the cost of linking your customers' accounts using Mono.

Account Linking

Account linking shows you a well-detailed representation of all accounts linked to your business through Mono. You can view the total number of accounts your business has linked, and also get more details about the account connection process such as:

  • Total successful linked accounts

  • Failed attempts grouped by:

    • Customer errors: These are errors by end users including incorrect details entered, poor network, and other issues preventing them from completing the process

    • Bank errors: These are due to the financial institution's internal API downtimes and maintenance outages causing connection errors and unavailability.

All these come together to give you full control over your business data and a detailed report of your business operations on Mono.


For guidelines on how to adjust your settings on the Mono dashboard:
1. This video shows you how to adjust your Product Settings
2. This video shows you how to adjust your Account Settings

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