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How to access support on the Mono Dashboard
How to access support on the Mono Dashboard

A simple guide on accessing support on the Mono Dashboard

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To access support on the Mono dashboard, you can watch this short video or follow the guide below.

How to contact our support team on the Mono dashboard.

1. After you log into the Mono dashboard, click on the Chat Icon on the bottom right corner of the page.

2. A Widget menu will be displayed. You can click on the "Send us a message" option to talk to the Support team, you can also click on the Status Page Option to see updates on the status of our connections or you can use one of our Self-serve options by searching for Articles to guide or FAQs to answers your questions.

3. After clicking on the support option, click on the specific product category that you need help with, from the options displayed.

4. Finally, select the answers that match the bot's questions, and it will automatically send your query to our support team. Please note that we typically respond to messages under 30 mins.

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