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How to update billing contacts

A simple guide on how to add contact information for updates on your billing plan

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Adding Contact Information for Updates on Your Billing Plan

You may need to update your billing plan contact information depending on the type of plan or service you are using. This simple guide will show you how to update contact information for billing notices and updates.

  1. To begin, log into your account using your registered credentials.
    After logging into the Mono dashboard, Navigate to the "Settings" page under the "More" tab in the side navigation bar or search for "Settings" in the search bar.
    Click on it and navigate to the "Plans and Billing" section and click on the "Billing Settings"

  2. On the Billing Settings page, Navigate to the "Billing Contacts" and click on the drop-down. You will see a view of all the billing contacts for your account.

    To add another billing contact, click on the "Add Contacts" button.

  3. You can either add a team member as a billing contact or add a guest (keep in mind, this guest does not get access to the dashboard). Click on the "Add Contact" button.

  4. You can see the newly added contact on the billing page.

How to remove A Billing Contact

You can also remove a billing contact from the dashboard

  1. After navigating to the Billings Settings, from the Settings Page. Click on the "Billing contacts"

  2. Click on the "Remove" button beside the contact you would like to remove

  3. You will see a pop-up to confirm that you indeed would like to remove that contact. Click on the "Remove Contact" button to proceed

  4. You will receive an alert to confirm that the contact has been successfully removed

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