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How to create a customer
How to create a customer

Learn how to create a customer for Direct debit mandate

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To create a mandate on a customer's account to collect recurring payments as a business, you will have to create a customer. The customer detail is to uniquely tie the user to the account they're linking as an extra security layer.

  1. To get started, login to your Mono dashboard and navigate to the "Customers" tab on the sidebar.

  2. Click the 'Add customer' button at the top right corner of the screen.

  3. A popup will be shown where you will enter the following


    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email address

    • House address

    • Select app: You can follow the steps in this article to learn how to create an app on Mono.
      NB: Please ensure the Product scope is Payments.

    • Phone: Phone number

    • Identity type: BVN, Driver's License, International Passport and NIN

    • Identity number

  4. Once this is done, click the 'Add customer' button to create a customer successfully.
    ​You can view all customers under the "Customers" tab.

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