FAQs on New Pricing
Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Mono's new pricing
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Why is Mono's pricing changing?

Mono's pricing structure has changed to reflect the growth in the business, create more value for businesses that use Mono, and ensure that pricing is clearer and easier to understand.

Can I see a breakdown of the new pricing?

You can find a breakdown of Mono’s pricing in each of our markets by following the links below:
Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa

How do I switch to a subscription plan from the wallet system?

When the new pricing structure goes live, you will have access to upgrade to any subscription tier of your choice. Based on your historical use of Mono, a specific plan will be recommended to you. However, you can choose any plan that includes the features and services that give your business the best value.

You will have a 7-day period to upgrade to a subscription tier. In that time, you’ll be charged for API calls the same way you’re being charged now. After you select a subscription plan, you can go on to make a payment using any of the available payment methods.

Here’s a video guide that will show you how to switch from your current plan to a subscription plan.

What happens if I do not upgrade to a subscription plan?

If you are yet to complete your upgrade to a subscription plan after the 7-day period, you will lose access to calling APIs and your customers will be unable to link their accounts to your business.

If I do not reach the limit for connected accounts on my subscription plan, can I roll it over into the next month?

No, the subscription tier does not allow for rollovers at this time.

If I reach the limit for connected accounts before the month runs out, what do I do?

First, as you approach your connect account limit, Mono will send you frequent reminders about the limit.
When you do reach your connected account limit, you can do any one of the following:

  1. Subscribe to a tier with a higher connected account limit.
    When you cross your connected account limit, it might mean that your business will start to see an increase in the volume of users trying to link their accounts. Subscribing to a tier with a higher connection limit will prevent you from breaking the flow in your plan and allow new users to link their accounts to your service without a hassle. You also get to save on higher tiers.

  2. Re-subscribe to your current subscription tier:
    For all paid tiers, you can re-subscribe whenever you reach your limit. This will only adjust your plan expiration date.

    Please note that you are given a grace period of 3 days after your subscription expires. After the 3-day grace period, you will be unable to connect new accounts until you can resubscribe.

What will happen to my wallet balance from the previous pricing plan:

For all non-enterprise subscriptions, your wallet balance will simply be applied to any subscription plan you choose from the new pricing structure. You can watch this video guide to see how this will work.

Can I access a feature from a higher subscription tier, while on another plan?

Yes, you can access specific features from higher subscription tiers by including them in your plan and making a separate payment for them as add-ons.

Do I get a discount when I choose the yearly billing frequency?

Yes, 5% discount.

Does this pricing change affect DirectPay?

No, DirectPay pricing remains unchanged.

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