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Update: Mono Pricing and Dashboard 3.0
Update: Mono Pricing and Dashboard 3.0
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I'm excited to share this update to inform you that our new dashboard and pricing are live now. When you log on to and sign in, you’ll be able to access new and improved features on the dashboard, as well as get access to the new subscription plans.

Why is Mono's pricing changing?

We created this pricing model to give you more value and flexibility, no matter the magnitude of your project or the size of your team, while using Mono APIs across our various markets. I hope the work the team has put into this reflects your experience.

A guide to the new subscription pricing

We've put together easy-to-understand subscription tiers that will allow you and other businesses to utilize Mono's features in a way that offers the most value for your business and your users. You can see a breakdown of the pricing for Mono in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.
We've also put together some answers to your questions regarding the new pricing and a visual guide.

The video guide below covers:

  • The subscription tiers across all the countries within Mono's coverage.

  • The pricing experience upon switching from the wallet pricing system to a subscription plan for the first time.

When does this new pricing structure take effect?

This new subscription-based pricing has taken effect today, the 28th of March, 2023.

How do I switch to the new pricing?

Once you log into the dashboard after the new pricing takes effect, you will have 7 days to subscribe to a recommended plan or any plan of your choice.
For the course of the 7-day period or before you upgrade to a subscription plan, you'll be charged for API calls according to your existing pricing plan (Pay-as-you-go/Per API call or Per Connected account/Growth plan).

Follow these steps to upgrade to a subscription plan

  • Log into your Mono dashboard.

  • On the overview page, you’ll see a notification to upgrade your pricing.

  • Click on “Choose plan”

  • Look through what is available on each plan and select any plan of your choice by clicking existing wallet balance, it will be put toward paying for the plan and the remaining amount will be charged to a card.

  • Click on the “Add card” button to add a card and complete your subscription payment.

The New Mono Dashboard

Taking a lot of helpful feedback from businesses that use Mono, we've made some significant changes that will add value as you use Mono. Some new features include:

  • Improved analytics for API Calls and account linking insights.

  • Improved security with 2FA

  • Improved analytics and customer insights

  • Improved Data Sync management

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Improved settings for permissions and business changes

Please share any feedback or requests you have regarding this update, our new pricing, or any questions you have about any of our products.
You can reach out to us at [email protected]

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